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Message from Dadi Janki Ji....

I understand the hard work being done by the IT team to spread the spiritual message to all corners of the world.

IT has played an important role in fast development of this world and also in the services of Brahma Kumaris.

I understand the stress being experienced by the IT professionals as they have to work longer hours. I suggest all my IT friends to focus little also towards Inner Transformation (IT), which would help to handle the daily stress, challenges and situations. When we go within, it gives us the power be strong and remain positive and stable no matter what situation comes in front of us.

Let us determine to Feel Great No Matter What! My pure wish is, IT should become instrument/ medium/ platform to share only the goodness across the world. When each and every individual becomes an instrument to spread the goodness, we can see this world getting transformed into a better place. My hearty congratulations to all IT professionals and make them experience peace and happiness which is beyond all the materialistic things of today’s world. Wish all love and wishes..


Digital awareness campaign is about spreading awareness and execution of the latest means of technology to interact

and transact in your day to day life.


This campaign is about bringing transformation into the lives of people with the use of technology.

Transformation into the lives of people can easily be brought when transformation is brought in their thinking.


Transformation      -----------------------------------    Transformation

In the lives       -----------------------------------     In Thinking

 With the help of laws & regulations we can induce changes in the way people transact in their lives but if we also work

on their mindset portion the change can be brought faster and will be long lasting. People will not tend to think about

finding loop holes in the system but will maintain a moral order in the country.


How to transform thinking?

Example of a thinking pattern:

1. It is difficult to make business digital.

2. It is difficult to be transparent in one’s activities.

3. It is difficult to honest.

Honesty brings confidence that leads to faster transformation.Thus inculcating values is a necessity to promote digital awareness. Training or education is also mandatory part because people may not be having at par skills that could help them to take benefits from digital technology.

 There is need of interactive and age appropriate workshops that inspire people of all ages to enjoy the use of digital means safely. This kind of training will also help in combating the issues of cybercrime, social media viral etc…. in which lot of people get involved. There is a need of innovative approach that encourage people to think twice about how they use technology through debates, engaging content and real life case studies. 

People must be provided education according to their current skills.

People who are proficient must be introduced about the advanced concepts of Cyberbullying, Image and Identity over the Internet and their digital footprint and who are beginners should be taught about safe surfing (interaction with strangers).

 Sophisticated but easy- Today more and more complex software are getting developed but with the complexity the level of sophistication must also rise to ease the people in interacting with the automated systems.  

Security on pwds, social analysis - People must be educated to ensure security of their credentials 

i.e., not to use them on public computers and networks.


Also on mobile devices, they must find a secure environment to prevent analysis of their typing patterns etc.