Started in 1954, along with the cool whiff of breeze in the garden city of Bangalore the world spiritual organisation “BRAHMA KUMARIS” strives hard for the upliftment of humanity.
    The Brahma kumaris with its 150 branches in and around Bangalore serves the youth by conducting youth programmes on monthly basis at its retreat centre in Gottigere and Jakkur and Kumarapark as the youth are the boon to juvenile citizens of india.The youth is helped to realise their role in moulding their future, thereby helping the country to move forward.
    Another boosting event “the annual children’s meet” is the most welcomed week long programme.It helps them to bloom like flowers of the nation by inculcating the concept of values and move ahead. The routine is such that entertainment and moral learning go hand in hand making the 7 days stay in the retreat centres a memorable one.
    The dedicated sisters move around from school to school imparting knowledge to the young minds through the “Value Education” course.
    Those in bangalore and associated with “the Medical wing at MOUNT ABU” do selfless service in both rural and urban areas. Some of their activities being Alchohol de addiction, tobacco awareness, values in healthcare, awereness of drug abuse and cancer.
    Through exhibitions and conferences employees in various sectors such as IT, Bank Managements, Factories,Industries gain benefits. SML, STRESS FREE LIVING, POSITIVE THINKING, LIVING VALUES, SELF EMPOWERMENT are some of the courses offered for leading a healthy and happy life.
For those interested in spirituality, we also offer a free course for a week for one hour, helping them to realise and empower themselves.