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Celebrating Life 

ORC, Gurgaon
26th Nov, 2016 
      The Retreat was given a start with the introduction of theme “Celebrating Life- Freedom – Joy- Success” by the Director of ORC, B.K. Asha. The participants were told the keys behind Celebrating Life i.e. Freedom from Bondages, Blockages, Barriers and Burdens and that real Joy lies in gathering Blessings and distributing them generously. Emphasis was also laid on the fact that success does not come by chasing it, but by maintaining our inner values. It is then that success follows. 

       The Session was inaugurated by B.K. Asha, B.K. Yashwant (Headquarter Co-ordinator, IT Wing, Mt. Abu), B.K. Sanjiv (Northern India Co-ordinator, IT Wing) and B.K. Rama (Delhi Zonal Co-ordinator, IT Wing), in the presence of Mr. Alok Agarwal (VP, Genpact), Mr. Piyush Goyal (VP, Genpact), Mr. Arun Jain (GM, TCS), Mr. Subrat (Global HR Head, HCL). 

ž  B.K. Falguni, during the session ‘Benefits of Meditation’ explained the correct method of Rajyog Meditation and how it helps in overcoming day-to-day challenges and remaining calm even in the midst of chaos.

 ž  In the session ‘Success without Stress’ B.K. Vidhatri explained how the biggest challenge of today – ‘stress’, can be reduced by increasing our coping ability, no matter how big the situation is. Participants were also made to realize that stress, no matter how little it is, is always harmful and unwanted.

ž  A session was also taken by B.K. Shivani, International speaker of Aastha Fame, on the topic ‘Joy of Life’, wherein she explained how the quality of our thoughts govern the quality of our life. She emphasized that, to experience Joy in life we need to always create positive thoughts even for those who may do/ think negative for us. During the end of the session participants were made to reflect upon their goal and were guided to visualize themselves, as they wanted to be in life.

ž  Participants got themselves involved in a workshop focusing on their success stories. Many voluntarily shared their success stories with the entire group as well.