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A Password for Eternal Happiness

Pune, Maharashtra
5thMarch, 2017 

A Retreat for IT Professionals on the topic-“Rajyog Meditation -“A password for Eternal Happiness” was held at Light House, Brahma Kumaris, Soundarya Colony, Rahatni, Pune, on 5thMarch 2017.

BK Datta Rokade, Faculty, IT Wing, Pune, was the speaker of the session.  

Dear Divine friends, how to get going when things feel a little… or even a lot… like they are stuck. Especially when life gets overwhelming at times with deadlines at work, financial stressors, family tension, health issues and more… 

This unique program was very helpful in guiding everyone towards a happy balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Every participant gained clarity, awareness and positive attitude. Experienced more harmony, bliss and inner peace. 


Following aspects were also discussed and came up with more practical ways to unlock the Password 

Somewhere along the way we may lose focus on what makes us happy, which throws off our mind, body, spirit balance. It’s time to bring back the balance and remember that it is possible to be happy even when things are difficult. 

Happiness is a state of mind. It is determined by the sum of your choices, thoughts and actions. Meditation helps us to learn how to become happier and how to consciously adjust your intentions, attentions and daily routines. 

Everyone unlocked password for happiness to enjoy and enrich... This was an Interesting talk cum experiential Rajyog Meditation to unlock Happiness.