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Celebrating Success

Faridabad, Haryana
30thApril, 2017
“Celebrating Success” by Awakening Inner Powers is an event has been organized by Brahma Kumaris IT Wing Faridabad Team at Brahma Kumaris Center 138 A, Sector 11C , Faridabad (Haryana) on Sunday 30 th April 2017 between 10 am to 4:00 pm. This event was specially designed for IT professionals. The event was attended by around 130 (85 First Timers -NON BK and 45 BK) IT Professionals from Small to Large scale enterprise.
The event was primarily focused on, by adopting spirituality in our work environment and daily life, one can become successful.
Main motivators for the event were
1. Beloved Sweetest BaapDada
2. B.K. Sanjiv Gupta Bhaiji National Coordinator BK ITWING
3. B.K. Rama Behnji IT Wing Coordinator BK Delhi Zone
4. B.K. Radheyshyam Bhaiji Director BKs Centre Sector 11c Faridabad
Sessions Details
Knowing Yourself : - Speaker B.K. Pooja Behnji
Handling Work Place Situations : - Speaker B.K. Neeru Behnji
Question-Answer Session :- Panelists Prof.Dr.Vinay Maitri bhai ji,BK Sanjiv Gupta bhai ji, BK Shashi Kumar bhai ji and BK Vernika Tiwari behnji.
Moderator : BK Anil Kumar Sharma bhai ji.
Guest Details
Chief Guest : -
Mr. Upendra Singh ji, Director Global IT ELI Research,Faridabad. Currently Providing IT Leadership to ELI global group-located in US, UK, Ireland, Philippines and India with over 5500+ Employees.
Special Guests : -
Mr. Vishal Anand Gupta ji,Head IT Applications Religare Health Insurance New Delhi.
Presently working with, Religare Health Insurance as Head of international business. Managing reinsurance business opportunities from international markets.
Mr.Vipul Vashist ji, Associate Director Virtusa Polaris Gurgaon.
Working as Director Quality, at Virtusa Polaris and responsible for process improvements and facilitating business change management for BFSI projects throughout the organizations.
Prof. Dr. Vinay Maitra ji,Head of Center for Analysis & System Studies, GIS and Remote Sensing. 
Working as Controller of Examination-School of Planning and Architecture under Ministry of HRD Govt. of India.
The program started with BK Vernika behanji Ice breaking activity followed by Introduction to Brahma Kumaris video. Then BK Rama Behanji came on stage for welcome address, she describes the event theme in beautiful words.
BK Pinki behanji and BK Henna behanji welcomes all guests with flowers followed by candle lightening by Shri Upendra Singh ji, Shri Vishal Anand Gupta ji, Shri Vipul Vashist ji, Prof.Dr. Vinay Maitri Bhai ji, BK Radheyshyam Bhai ji, BK Rama Behnji, and BK Sanjiv Gupta Bhai ji.Candle lighting was an inspiration for everyone as it shows how spirituality can lit up their life and make them successful.
Welcome Dance was performed by baby Radhika.
In first session of the event BK Pooja behnji explained, how one can realize his/her soul power and described the simple methods for connecting with God. She also told by connecting to God directly, we can make our life stress free, contented and filled with positivity; which ultimately leads us to success. The session was quite interesting, interactive and everyone has learned art of living by using spiritual principles.
In second interactive session after lunch, BK Neeru behnji demonstrated how to handle difficult workplace situations by applying various procedures with interactive activities. She also explained how one can use power of thoughts and mind for making their life happy and contented.
In third Question-Answer Interactive Session, participants asked many questions related to their work place and suitable answers given by panelists satisfying their queries.
BK Vernika behn ji described thru activity how Rajyoga is required in today’s environment for keeping a healthy body and mind. She also explains how being spiritual is beneficial for every individual in the society.
IT Wing Faridabad Team came on stage and introduced themselves.