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Leadership 2.0 - Sanskar-Sanskriti-Sansar

Gyan Sarovar, Rajasthan
18th Aug, 2017

IT Wing of BrahmaKumaris has organized a conference for the emerging leaders in the IT industry within India. This conference took place at the Gyan Sarovar Retreat Centre, Mt. Abu, Rajsthan from 18th - 21st August 2017.

  • The conference was inaugurated by Dadi Nirmalaji - Chairperson of IT Wing, Bro. Karuna Bhaiji - Channel Head for Peace of Mind TV, Bro. Yashwant Bhaiji - Head Quarter Coordinator of IT Wing  & Bro. Hardik Parekh - CEO of 'Searce' who gave their inspirations & blessings for the event.   
  • The primary focus of this conference was 'Sanskar Transformation' - making IT professionals realize & experience how individual sanskars play a role in creating a sanskriti (organizational culture) & how 'Sanskar Transformation' leads to 'Sansar (World) Transformation'.
  • Bro. Bala Kishore has shed light on the neuro-biology of sanskar transformation - providing a scientific perspective to transforming sanskars. The participants were also given the taste of 'Self Talk', which is very essential during the Sanskar Transformation process.
  • Sis. Shivani, providing a spiritual perspective to transforming sanskars has made the audience realize how an individual's world changes by changing his/her sanskars. The audience were also made aware of how the Soul power is getting depleted in today's world due to conflicting Sanskars & how to increase it by using the power of adjustment and acceptance.
  • Sis. Margaret from UK has engaged the audience with a very interactive activity 'Heart of Business'. The participants were allowed to have good reflection on their core values and how they can be applied to the activities that wouldn't interest them to make those enjoyable. They were also made to reflect on adapting this to their work-place to make it more satisfying. Finally, they were made to take away some positive affirmations that they can use at the workplace to get back the focus on the self.
  • Bro. Surya has illustrated the power of mind & positive thinking by providing practical examples. The audience were then given simple techniques that they can use in their daily lives to harness the power of subconscious mind that will change their lives for the better.
  • The participants experienced the fascinating concept of a 'living company' through an activity that involved self-reflection & group sharing in the midst of nature. They were given a chance to explore their own organizations as if they were living beings & how this change in perspective can bring longevity & values to the organization.
  • By providing the Raja Yoga introductory course to the participants, they were made to realize themselves as souls & regain the lost connection with the supreme being. They were also made to experience the power of AmritVela through guided meditation sessions.
  • Bro. David, using his different musical instruments, has taken the audience beyond sound & into a world of silence. They were made to experience the sound of silence during the 3 days of the conference.
  • Overall, the unConference has met it's objectives by inspiring many IT professionals to bring about a shift in their thinking process & most of them went back with a personal action plan for sanskar transformation that would help them stay on course even with all the turbulence around.