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Relax, Recharge & Rejuvenate

Rahatani, Pune
29thOctober, 2017

The remarkable event was held on Sunday ,29th October 2017 at Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Center at Rahatni, Pune. It was organised  by Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalay to empower IT  professionals in particular.


The auspicious spiritual event was blessed with presence of divine speaker senior Rajyogi BrahmaKumar Suraj. BK Suraj is an inspirational speaker at various TV channels, has conducted extensive research experiments with 100% successful results and  a recipient of numerous awards like Chanakya award, Journalist, famous writer etc. 

The other dignitaries included Awadhesh Dubey - General manager of Bajaj Auto Ltd, BK Roopesh - Anchor of various programs of ‘Peace of Mind’ TV channel, Sameer Dadia – Entrepreneur of an IT company, Trupti Vilatkar - Vice President at  Barclays (IT company in Pune), Rajyogini BK Varsha - Senior teacher of Brahma Kumaris at Rahatni Rajyoga center added weightage to the program success.

The program commenced with candle lighting. BK Suraj- in his benedictory address, said - “Balance the inner self with the power of Rajyoga, means connection with the Supreme Soul.” More than 200 IT professionals participated in this event. 

The IT Event started with the context setting highlighting the daily tedious and hectic life of IT professionals today. BK Suraj shared some insights on how  IT professionals are trying to cope up with the stress of work life as well as family life and due to this forgetting the inner self, the true peace and happiness. He shared some real-life examples of different people getting rid of stress and down-heartedness with the help of ancient Meditation technique called Rajyoga.

Thereafter focusing on the benefits of generating positive thoughts, he introduced the concept of subconscious mind’s response to different thoughts during various different activities throughout the day. He further added three main key values i.e. Relax— lessen your thoughts, Recharge- generating  positive thoughts and Rejuvenate - making the thoughts powerful and qualitative. He conducted experiential meditations to achieve these three values. The talk was followed by fulfilling anticipations of participants through questions and answers session which was cogently addressed by BK Suraj.