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Celebrating Life 

ORC, Gurgaon
26th Nov, 2016 
      The Retreat was given a start with the introduction of theme “Celebrating Life- Freedom – Joy- Success” by the Director of ORC, B.K. Asha. The participants were told the keys behind Celebrating Life i.e. Freedom from Bondages, Blockages, Barriers and Burdens and that real Joy lies in gathering Blessings and distributing them generously. Emphasis was also laid on the fact that success does not come by chasing it, but by maintaining our inner values. It is then that success follows. 

Spirituality : Become aware of your innate Good Qualities, accept them and act using those Qualities in day-to-day situations for your own Growth, both personal and professional.

The SiT retreats are conceptualized and conducted by the Information Technology and Communications (IT-C) team of the Brahma Kumaris across India and overseas. The intention of SiT retreats is to make simple yet profound principles of Rajyoga Meditation 'accessible' and 'applicable' to IT professionals so that they can lead peaceful and productive lives. We achieve this by introducing the basic concepts of meditation and application of spirituality in very gentle, interactive and practical way through our sessions.

Leadership 2.0

Shollinganallur centre, Chennai
20th Nov, 2016

Three days residential gadget- free Silence retreat on the topic " Leadership 2.0 " at Happy Village Retreat Centre, TamilNadu. More than 35 executives from IT. "Shape your future by being agile"- A special transformation program for freshers of Cognizant Technology Solutions at Shollinganallur centre, Chennai. 

Leadership 2.0

Gyan Sarovar, Mt. Abu
9th Sep, 2016

Leadership 1.0 was all about extracting the work from the employees. Leadership 2.0 is about Empowering, Experimenting & Exploring with the Employees.