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It's Time to Meditate

Kochi, Kerala
25th June, 2016

The seminar on “Thought Management and Leadership” was organized exclusively for IT & related professionals to enable them to reflect in introspection and lead in their personal and professional lives. 

Leading without Fear

Kochi, Kerala
28th May, 2016

The program on “Lading without Fear” was organized exclusively for IT & related professionals to discuss about the factors which are causing the fear and how to overcome it.

Spirituality : Become aware of your innate Good Qualities, accept them and act using those Qualities in day-to-day situations for your own Growth, both personal and professional.

The SiT retreats are conceptualized and conducted by the Information Technology and Communications (IT-C) team of the Brahma Kumaris across India and overseas. The intention of SiT retreats is to make simple yet profound principles of Rajyoga Meditation 'accessible' and 'applicable' to IT professionals so that they can lead peaceful and productive lives. We achieve this by introducing the basic concepts of meditation and application of spirituality in very gentle, interactive and practical way through our sessions.

Technology, Meditation & Success

ORC, Gugaon
3rd to 5th April, 2015

The chief guest, Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL Technologies, was extremely happy to visit the Brahma Kumaris center and talked about the immense significance of spirituality in life. He also mentioned how a spiritual understanding helps to prosper professionally and grow as an individual. The guest of honor, Microsoft Corporation’s former Director for Strategic Engagement, Yogesh Kochhar, interacted with the participants about using spirituality in IT and its advantages in the corporate world.