“Leadership 2.0 – Sankalp se Siddhi” at Gyan Sarovar : 19-21 Apr 2019

International Professional speaker, Awakening with Brahma Kumaris fame BK Shivani, said the use of modern means more unnecessarily than the need is becoming a health killer. So that human beings are subjected to a variety of stress-borne disease. Don’t forget your elevated personality traits by using resources. She said this on Saturday at the inaugural session of the Information Technical Services Division Conference at the Gyan Sarovar Academy campus of Brahma Kumaris organization.

In-Charge of the Australian service centers of Brahma Kumaris organization, Director-in-charge of Gyan Sarovar Academy, Rajyogini Dr. Nirmala, said the whole world has become like a village because of information communication resources. In a second, any information reaches the other end of the world. But more important than that is the determination of human power. This also affects nature. Thought power should not be wasted in any situation.

The organization’s multimedia division chief BK Karunakar Shetty said that all the powers of the world are secondary to the resolution of the power. If the importance of the resolution is taken into action, it will yield pleasant results.

The Vice President of transformation Searce software, Bala Kishore, said that science is incomplete without spirituality. It is important to include spirituality in lifestyle. The science, which is connecting the world, has also created distances in family behaviour and relationships.

IT Wing HQ CoordinatorĀ  B. K. Yashwant said that in coordination with spirituality and science, the need for cooperation of the spiritual lovers of India to re-create paradise is absolutely needed today, under which the spirit of selfless service has been encrypted. And this will be possible only if the true identity of the supreme soul and human beings will link to God.

The conference was attended by a large number of IT sector participants from different parts of the country.


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