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‘Leadership 2.0 Detect, Detach & Detox’ : 17 – 20 Aug. 2018

An All India Conference has been organized by the Information Technology wing, a division of R.E.R.F., Brahma Kumaris in the Harmony hall of Gyan Sarovar. 

The main subject of the conference was “Leadership to Detect, Detach and Detox”. Participants from different states of India participated in the conference. Inauguration of the conference was done through lightning of the candles. 

Head of the I.T. Wing and Director of Gyan Sarovar B.K. Didi Nirmala addressed through these words. The environment here will help you to learn and practice Dhyana in a better way. You should treat yourself as student here. You will learn about spirituality here and imbibe it in your life. You need to have good health, better relationships and happy environment to work. To achieve these targets learnings imparted here will be useful. 

Attachment to money and position is harmful. Attachment to the relations is also saddening. To come out of these, it is necessary to know the truth of life. You will learn about these in your stay of two to three days here. Take benefit of your stay here. General Secretary of the organization B.K. Nirwair addressed the conference through video conferencing.

B.K. Yashwant told about the journey of I.T. Wing. He told that we have slowly reached here and have wished that the youth associated with the I.T. profession must be given the taste of spirituality through the medium of this wing, so that they make their lives beautiful and serve the country and society. 

Brahma Kumar Balakumar too expressed his feelings. Brahma Kumari Sister Suman conducted exercises of Dhyana and coordinated the stage activities.

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