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Celebrating Success

Faridabad, Haryana
30thApril, 2017
“Celebrating Success” by Awakening Inner Powers is an event has been organized by Brahma Kumaris IT Wing Faridabad Team at Brahma Kumaris Center 138 A, Sector 11C , Faridabad (Haryana) on Sunday 30 th April 2017 between 10 am to 4:00 pm. This event was specially designed for IT professionals. The event was attended by around 130 (85 First Timers -NON BK and 45 BK) IT Professionals from Small to Large scale enterprise.

A Password for Eternal Happiness

Pune, Maharashtra
5thMarch, 2017 

A Retreat for IT Professionals on the topic-“Rajyog Meditation -“A password for Eternal Happiness” was held at Light House, Brahma Kumaris, Soundarya Colony, Rahatni, Pune, on 5thMarch 2017.

Inner Technology

Shantivan, Rajasthan
6th Jan, 2017

The conference was organized under theme - “Inner Technology” and the topic was - “ Self - Reliance for Success ”. Around 500 IT Professionals from different parts of India took benet.

Celebrating Life 

ORC, Gurgaon
26th Nov, 2016 
      The Retreat was given a start with the introduction of theme “Celebrating Life- Freedom – Joy- Success” by the Director of ORC, B.K. Asha. The participants were told the keys behind Celebrating Life i.e. Freedom from Bondages, Blockages, Barriers and Burdens and that real Joy lies in gathering Blessings and distributing them generously. Emphasis was also laid on the fact that success does not come by chasing it, but by maintaining our inner values. It is then that success follows.