Inspirations from Didi Nirmala Ji

Didi Nirmala Ji is the director of the Brahma Kumaris (BKs) Raja Yoga Centres in the Asia Pacific region and Chair Person of IT Wing. Her special area of interest is in the field of self-transformation, personal development and how the human being’s mental process can be enhanced through an accurate method of meditation.

Information Technology made everyone busy. Also, it has opened up a vast store of information to everyone, at the tip of their fingers and with a click of a button in a second. Information Technology has been very helpful for networking, promotion, etc but what about other IT, which is called as “Inner Technology”? Like the computer is using electric power, the mind has to be connected to the supreme source of power for its efficient performance. Only by connecting to the supreme soul, we can fill up our minds with all the power we need. This is how we can enhance our Inner Technology.

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