Inspirations from Dadi Janki Ji

I understand the hard work being done by the IT team to spread the spiritual message to all corners of the world. IT has played an important role in fast development of this world and also in the services of Brahma Kumaris.

I also understand the stress being experienced by the IT professionals as they have to work longer hours. I suggest all my IT friends to focus little also towards Inner Transformation (IT), which would help to handle the daily stress, challenges and situations. When we go within, it gives us the power be strong and remain positive and stable no matter what situation comes in front of us.

Let us determine to Feel Great No Matter What!

My pure wish is, IT should become instrument/ medium/ platform to share only the goodness across the world. When each and every individual becomes an instrument to spread the goodness, we can see this world getting transformed into a better place.

My hearty congratulations to all IT professionals and make them experience peace and happiness which is beyond all the materialistic things of today’s world.

Wish all love and wishes..

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