The Shift – Inner Technology – Shantivan, Rajasthan, 06th to 09th January 2018

5th National IT Conference were held from 6-9 January, 2018 at Global Auditorium, Manmohini Complex. The theme of the Conference was – The shift – Inner Technology Topics covered in this conference were,

  1. De-bugging the mind
  2. Positive Emotions-Key to Success
  3. Consciousness shift of  Consciousness through GPS
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Emotional Mastery
  6. Shift your Locus to strengthen your Focus
  7. Easy Meditation for Busy IT Minds
  8. New Journey Towards Inner Transformation

The Chief Guests were :

Dr. Atul Shrivastava, vice president, Reliance Project Management Group, Mumbai.

He shared in his Chief Guests address that, Internal Empowerment is needed especially for IT Professionals and the IT Wing is working on that and is really appreciated.

Mr. Mukesh Shrama, Founder & CEO, QA InfoTech (P) Ltd., Nodia.

He shared that, when our mind is peaceful, we will be able to do all tasks easily. 

Brahma Kumaris an organization is really doing a wonderful service. This is my first visit and I am really enjoying.

Special Guest of Honor :

Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Co-Founder & CIO, QA InfoTech (P) Ltd., Noida.

He shared that, I am experiencing deep peace in this tranquil environment.

BK. Nirwar Bhai Ji, Secretary General appreciated the IT Wing for its noble services and BK. Dr. Nirmala Didi gave her blessing for everyone and clarified about the theme –  The shift.


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    Himani Arora says

    I want to attend IT conference

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      BK Sanjiv Gupta says

      Om Shanti…
      Please register online at Registration Link at itwing.brahmakumaris.com


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    Zarinaz shaikh says

    Nice programme i hv ittended . Peaceful enjoyment.. They hv treated politely.. Wonderful

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